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Texas Civil Litigation

Resolving disputes requires making good decisions

The decision to litigate should not be undertaken lightly by either client or lawyer, and a lawsuit should not be filed as a “knee jerk” response to a temporary emotion such as anger or frustration. There are many, many good reasons for filing a lawsuit, including – just to name one – receiving just compensation for harm someone else has caused you. Our system of justice can be costly and time-consuming, and the end of a trial is usually described as “winning” or “losing” but a more accurate description is simply “resolution of conflict.” As U. S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter said, “Litigation is the pursuit of practical ends, not a game of chess.” It is wise to remember that a jury trial is one way, but not the only way, to resolve conflict.

That said, when legal disputes disrupt your business or personal life, having an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to advocate on your behalf can bring comfort and peace of mind. Our firm represents businesses, families and individuals in litigation, arbitration and mediation. We can help you with all types of civil litigation in state and federal courts, including:

  • Personal injury litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Business litigation
  • Employment litigation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Land use/zoning litigation
  • Property damage
  • Insurance claims

Good decisions – when you might become a plaintiff

It may be necessary for you resolve your dispute using the traditional approach of hiring a lawyer and litigating until the jury has reached a verdict, and as stated by U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger in a speech to the American Bar Association, “for some disputes, trial may be the only possible outcome.” When filing a lawsuit and going to trial is your best option, and certainly in situations where it is your only option, selecting an experienced trial attorney with significant time in the courtroom might be a good decision and might also improve your chances for success.

If you would like to discuss your options for filing a lawsuit and to talk about what will happen when you do file suit, including a realistic discussion of costs and potential results, then make an appointment with our office.  We will provide you with straightforward, honest answers to all of your questions and ensure you fully understand the litigation process and what to expect as your case moves forward. Our clients rely on us to help them set realistic expectations. Making good decisions requires not only knowledge of your options but also a frank discussion about the benefits and consequences that each option may offer.

Good decisions – when you might be a defendant

If you have been sued and are now a “defendant” in a lawsuit, your only practical choice is to defend yourself in a court of law, and to do so, you should hire a lawyer – promptly, because there are deadlines running. Defense tactics and strategy are complicated and require creative thought and attention to detail. To be effective as a defense attorney requires years of training and experience for most types of cases; therefore, selecting a trial attorney with significant experience in defense work might be a good decision. If you have been sued, or if someone is threatening to sue you, call our office and make an appointment. We can discuss what happens next and what your legal options might include.

Good decisions – when mediation might help

For those who are already “knee-deep” in a lawsuit, and those who want to avoid a lawsuit altogether, an amicable settlement of your dispute might be a good decision. If so, mediation can provide a reasonable and certainly less costly alternative to a jury trial. Mediation allows the parties, and not the jury, to decide the outcome; and as a general rule, the results of a negotiated settlement agreement can be just as satisfying. When selecting your mediator, consider using an experienced trial attorney who has represented both sides of the docket in a wide range of commonly litigated matters and who is also a formally trained and experienced mediator. That might also be a good decision.

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If you would like advice or assistance with a litigation matter, as either a future plaintiff or a current or future defendant, please contact our office for an appointment. If you would like to use our mediation or arbitration services, please check our calendar for availability and schedule a time that is convenient for everyone. We will be happy to help, and it will be a pleasure to meet you either way.

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